Personal Accounting
ACT Financial, LLC
Managing budgets. Improving lives.
A c c u r a t e   ~   C o s t - e f f e c t i v e   ~   T i m e l y
There can be many reasons why you find it hard to manage your money.  You may have a busy life and no
time to sit down to organize and pay the bills.  You may have had a spouse take care of all the bills and you
don’t understand what was all going on.  Whatever the reason, it's okay.  What’s not okay is if you run out of
money because you just didn’t know.

ACT Financial wants to help you manage your budget and take out some worry to improve your life.  This is
done by coming to you to:

•        open and sort mail
•        review bills and credit card statements for unauthorized charges
•        set up a system to organize paperwork that will help for preparation of tax returns
•        help write checks (signed by client) and get them paid on time
•        reconcile bank and investment accounts
•        create a debt pay-down plan, if necessary

Once we get that all going then you can see where all your money goes and you can save up for those
special pricey things you’ve always wanted or needed and you don’t have to feel guilty after purchasing it.

Are you wondering how much this could cost you?  Each situation is unique, but a free consultation will
answer the question of what financial/organization help is necessary.  To give you some idea, we would be
looking in the range of $50-$150 for a one-time setup fee (for getting accounts set up to track your finances)
and monthly charges of $50-$150 depending on the level of service.

The best thing to do is to take advantage of the free consultation.