I’m Dean Pallex and I founded ACT Financial to provide
accurate, cost-effective and timely CPA services for people
looking for personal friendly service.  You don’t need to leave
your home or business because I’ll come to you; and don’t
worry about tidying up your home or office before I’d come
over.  A hectic life could be one of the reasons why you are
looking into my services.  I understand how it is, so relax and
feel relieved that you will have someone working to improve
your life.

My career track began when I was a young boy always adding
up lists of numbers from all kinds of sources simply to
compare them to find out which resulted in a larger number.  
Fascination with debits and credit ensued in the 8th grade as
I flipped through the page of my older brother’s high school
accounting books.  I went on to graduate from UW-Oshkosh
in 1992 with a degree in Accounting and worked as an
accountant for four businesses of varying sizes for the next 15

In 2003 I began managing my mother’s finances as she
became ill at the young age of 60 years.  As her illness
progressed, I felt more compelled to directly help people with
their finances and taxes rather than provide one-line bits of
information buried in a 100-page corporate annual report.    
My mother’s passing at the young age of 64 also set the
stage for my desire to assist families tax and accounting

I look forward to becoming your year-round accountant.
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ACT Financial, LLC
Managing budgets. Improving lives.
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