Individual Income Tax Returns

Income taxes will always be there and will always be
changing.  Sometimes they even change in the middle of the
year, either by a governmental change or a change in your
personal life.  Both can affect the amount of tax you could
owe.  ACT Financial keeps in touch with you throughout the
year to see how things are going, make suggestions and
answer questions.  It doesn’t make sense to wait until
January 1st – April 15th of the new year to meet and talk about
last year.  You can’t make many changes to last year’s tax
liability after December 31st has passed.
Income Tax
Every person’s individual income tax situation is unique so the cost of income tax preparation can vary.  
can expect from ACT Financial on some common items:

Federal and State (electronically filed):

50  -$60        1040EZ depending on number of W2s, unemployment, filing status

$60 - $140      1040 with dependents, the possibility of limited itemizing (mortgage interest, property
  taxes, charity), interest/dividends and capital gains/losses, HSA, education credits, student

$140 - $250    1040 with more complex itemizing and interest/dividends and capital gains/losses, other
  not so common items, plus small business Schedule C(s) or rental income Schedule E(s)
  with depreciable assets

Earned Income Credit (EIC) and WI Homestead Credits can run an extra $20 each.

Be aware that extra documentation is required from taxpayers who are eligible for the EIC.  The
documentation will verify income and expenses if you have a business and verify the residence of a
qualifying child.
S-Corp or Partnership Returns

Maybe you have an S-Corp or Partnership.  Those would start at $175.  They haven't exceeded $300 yet.  
Some owners have an abundance of assets that need reviewing or need a little help tidying up the
year-end so there can be variation.

Call to set up a free meeting.  I will even come to you to pick up your tax documents and collect some
information.  At that time I should be able to tell you more precisely what the charge will be.  Around a
week later I will return for your signature on your completed return.
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