Business Accounting
ACT Financial, LLC
Managing budgets. Improving lives.
A c c u r a t e   ~   C o s t - e f f e c t i v e   ~   T i m e l y
Small business owners should spend their time doing what they got into business for.  Working on all the
accounting paperwork doesn’t bring in revenue or put smiles on customers’ faces.  Leave the following to
ACT Financial so a smile can be put on your face:

• Bookkeeping - Accounts receivable and payable, cash receipts and disbursements

• Financial Accounting - Account analysis, bank reconciliations, depreciation, monthly closing, financial
statement preparation, budgeting and forecasting

• Payroll Administration - processing payroll and payroll tax reports

• Taxes – Sales tax and personal property tax returns

How you are charged depends greatly on your level of service needs.  The first step is to set up a free initial
meeting to go over your needs.  The tendency is to agree on a fixed monthly amount rather than a per hour
rate.  Hopefully this takes out the fear of the unknown and doesn’t stop you from calling with a question.  For
regular monthly work we could be looking in the range of $50-$500 per month depending on how much help
you need.  There could be a one-time setup fee if starting from scratch (getting accounts set up to track your
income/expenses).   Maybe $100 or so depending on how much setting up there is and how fair and
reasonable it is for the both of us.  

I recommend taking advantage of the free consultation.